Vision & Objectives

To meet the Key Objectives, the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire Local Action Group has agreed the following overarching vision: 


Re-creating the Rural Economy


To develop a vibrant, dynamic and diverse rural economy by engaging local communities in an inclusive rural agenda to increase economic productivity and growth through the sustainable and creative development of rural resources, green infrastructure, the natural environment and heritage assets of the area.


To meet this vision the we have the following four objectives:


  • to support the land based sector to invest in the economic growth of the area through diversification; including recreational and leisure developments and other non agricultural activities, such as new sustainable green enterprises and woodland businesses.


  • to support local people to develop a culture of enterprise and innovation through the development of micro-businesses which build upon the environmental and heritage opportunities of the area and enhance the rural economy.


  • to develop the potential of tourism and recreation as a key driver within the area’s economy, which will change the perception of the area, providing high quality recreational and tourism enterprises which build on the area’s heritage and existing historic buildings, environmental resources and communities.


  • to maximise the participation of local people in the growth of the rural economy, including  training and innovative projects at community level to give access to new employment opportunities, including enterprise and entrepreneurship for local young people and  ‘workless’ people.