The BNED LEADER Approach is now open for business and invites projects to apply for funding

The BNED LEADER Local Action Group (LAG) has been awarded €1,713,000 of European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development (EAFRD) through the Rural Development Programme for England for the funding of rural projects in the local area. This represents a Sterling equivalent of approximately £1,370,000 (this figure may alter in line with Euro exchange rates).

Funding will still be available until such time as the UK exits the European Union.

Forestry Productivity8fa5More than 80% of England's woods are privately owned. Funding under this priority will aim to deliver permanent new supply chains and jobs that will, restore regular management to local woods and encourage a greater degree of added value to their timber output.

Of the total BNED Area (approximately 43,600 ha), forest, woodland and wooded areas comprise approximately 4,300 ha of which 403 ha are classified as Public Forest Estate. Over 57% of the total woodland area is unmanaged.

Who can apply for grant funding?

Applicants will normally be private forest holders or small and medium sized forestry businesses.   

Eligible Activities may include:

  • The production, extraction, mobilising, processing and marketing of timber and non-timber forest products 
  • New forestry technologies
  • Wood-fuel supply chains
  • Production, processing and marketing of non-timber forest products, for example wild venison/game

Eligible Costs may include:

  • Investments in machinery and equipment
  • Processing, mobilising and marketing of products
  • Investments in production, processing and marketing. This shall include on-holding cold storage and butchery facilities
  • Specialised forestry transportation equipment, not standard transport activities       

A more detailed list of the eligible and ineligible items within this priority can be found by downloading the document at the foot of this page.

How much grant funding can you apply for?

The LAG has determined within the Local Development Strategy to allocate 2% of the total funding to this priority. This equates to €28,094.

The maximum amount you can apply for is 40% of the overall project costs. The remaining 60% must be private match which means you cannot use other public funding, such as Lottery funding and other European funding. 


Depending on the level of grant requested we will expect eligible grant recipients to achieve some of the following:

Number of forest, woodland and holdings benefiting - 4

Number of jobs created - 2

Ineligible and Eligible items [pdf / 68KB] RPA list of Ineligible and Eligible items for Priorities 1 & 6