The BNED LEADER Approach is now open for business and invites projects to apply for funding

The BNED LEADER Local Action Group (LAG) has been awarded €1,713,000 of European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development (EAFRD) through the Rural Development Programme for England for the funding of rural projects in the local area. This represents a Sterling equivalent of approximately £1,370,000 (this figure may alter in line with Euro exchange rates).

Funding will still be available until such time as the UK exits the European Union.

Bolsover Castle 1Focuses on the promotion, enhancement and maintenance of the areas culture and heritage assets. Creating a sense of local identity through raised awareness of their importance and protecting culture and heritage features against damage and degradation.

Who can apply for grant funding?

Support is available for the conservation and upgrading of rural heritage and culture. Charities, Voluntary Organisations & other Formally Constituted Groups, land owners and Environmental & Heritage are eligible to apply.

Examples may include:

  • Conversion of rural and/or redundant historic buildings into business or tourist facilities
  • Blue plaque scheme
  • Publicise and link trail networks and public rights of way to similar networks in border areas
  • Regeneration of the built heritage to provide high quality resources as flagships schemes for the area and attract businesses linked to recreation and leisure
  • Development of the green infrastructure and circular trails linking sites of special interest and interpretive materials to enhance the accessibility of the built and natural environment
  • Restoration of Chesterfield Canal (in the North East Derbyshire area only)
  • Local and regional events to celebrate the culture and history of the area.
  • Natural environmental and conservation projects which deliver high quality land management, restoration and conservation of natural habitats, to support biodiversityUpskilling and training to ensure quality enterprise and service for business sectors

Eligible Activities:

  • environmental awareness actions and investments associated with the maintenance, restoration and upgrading of the natural heritage
  • undertake small-scale infra structural improvements studies and investments associated with maintenance, restoration and upgrading of the cultural heritage, such as the cultural features of cultural and environmental heritage

Eligible Costs:

grant aid towards the costs of capital investments interpretation and materials research studies audits

How much grant funding can you apply for?

The LAG has determined within the Local Development Strategy to allocate 3% of the total funding to this priority. This equates to €42,140

The maximum grant rate is 100% for investments which are non-profit making, but have a benefit in terms of value added to the wider local economy. However, the LAG would encourage private match funding for all projects where possible.

De minimis state aid regulations mean that a maximum of €200,000 is available to any one applicant in a 3 year period. If an applicant has had other public funding, this may count towards de minimis state aid amount and reduce the amount of money they can apply for.


Depending on the level of grant requested we will expect eligible grant recipients to achieve some of the following:

Number of rural heritage actions supported - 1