The BNED LEADER Approach is now open for business and invites projects to apply for funding

The BNED LEADER Local Action Group (LAG) has been awarded €1,713,000 of European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development (EAFRD) through the Rural Development Programme for England for the funding of rural projects in the local area. This represents a Sterling equivalent of approximately £1,370,000 (this figure may alter in line with Euro exchange rates).

Funding will still be available until such time as the UK exits the European Union.

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Projects should make a contribution to growing the local economy.

They could include; the development of community buildings, public spaces or culturl/tourism amenities. 

Applications will be invited from projects that will improve rural service delivery to create new jobs and increase the sustainability of rural services.

Ensuring community access to key services is important. Community facilities such as village halls, pubs and churches play an important role in providing a base for other services in rural communities, such as childcare provision and post offices.

The LAG will encourage initiatives which enable new services to be provided in rural communities that fill gaps in current provision and will include:

Examples may include;

  • Setting-up, improvement or expansion of essential rural services for the local community
  • Investments in premises supporting leisure activities
  • Investments in the establishment, extension and modernisation of basic services provision facilities (e.g. local markets, community centres for social activities, etc.)

Eligible Activities may include;

  • Investments in innovative service delivery projects e.g. linked with alternative means of public transport systems or active ageing
  • Signposting of touristic sites
  • Construction and modernisation of tourism information centres, visitor information and guidance
  • Construction of shelters and safety facilities linked to soft-tourism
  • Establishing of e-booking systems for tourist services
  • Development of soft tourism with its basic strong features (small scale, locally specific product, local ownership and labour, local business linkages, strong social-cultural affinities, limited negative environmental impact)

Eligible Costs may include;

  • Construction, acquisition (including leasing) or improvement to immovable property
  • General costs linked to facilitating investments such as architect, engineer, consultation fees up to 15% of total project costs

How much grant funding can you apply for?

The LAG has determined within the Local Development Strategy to allocate 12% of the total funding to this priority. This equates to €168,558.

In exceptional circumstances the maximum amount you can apply for is 100% of the overall project costs, although the LAG would encourage private match funding for all projects.

De minimis state aid regulations mean that a maximum of €200,000 is available to any one applicant in a 3 year period. If an applicant has had other public funding, this may count towards de minimis state aid amount and reduce the amount of money they can apply for.


Depending on the level of grant requested we will expect eligible grant recipients to achieve some of the following:

Number of beneficiaries - 6

Jobs created - 2